Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pag-Ibig Online Registration

You can apply for Pag-ibig membership online. Go to, and click E-Services. 

This is How To Get Your Pag-ibig MID No.

Here are pieces of information that you need to write when you apply forPag-ibig membership online:


Member's Name (the same name as appearing in birth certificate)
Date of birth
Place of birth
Civil Status
Name of spouse, if married
TIN, SSS or GSIS number (if you have)
Email address (double-check, since any reply will be sent to this address)
Cellphone no.
Current address
City and province (Choose from list, click "Code" to see list)
Check if this address is abroad 
Zip code
Mother's maiden name
Father's name
Mother's name
Names of beneficiaries
Dates of birth of beneficiaries 
Relationships with beneficiaries 
(Spouse, Son, Daughter, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister)


Choose category: 
Employed - private
Employed - government
Employed - private household
Individual payor
Not yet employed 

Employer name
Date employed
Employee number 
Occupation (required)
Category of occupation (Choose from list, Click "Get Occupation" to see category and specific occupation)

Employment status (required), options: permanent/regular, contractual, temporary/part-time
casual, project-based
Type of work (required),  options: land-based, sea-based
Country of assignment (required)
Basic monthly income (required)
Basic plus allowance (optional)
Total income

Address of employment
Name of country where employed (required)

Employment history
Company name
Employed from month and year to month and year or to present
Address of company

NOTE: You can change your information later on, via the Pag-ibig website online enrollment section, or at the Makati Pag-ibig branch. However, it would be best if you input correct data upon enrollment, so you don't have to spend time making corrections. 

These are the notes on the last page of your enrollment process:

By clicking the Submit button below, I certify that the information given above and all the statements made herein are true and correct. 

Once Submitted, all your information shall be registered in the fund's database and you can make changes on you information thru our Online Change of Information System. 

Review MDF
Submit registration

The Successful Registration page shall indicate that the registration process was completed.